Making Fleet Management Easy

“We are able to handle complaints about our drivers in real-time. We are also able to see and correct student behavior.”

Cindi Papiez, Transportation Manager, Southern Regional School District

“Fortress offered a cost-effective option and they were willing to develop systems and reports based on our needs.”

Anthony Dupree, Design & Deployment Engineer, Park ‘N Fly

“This system has given our employees peace of mind. They don’t feel like they are alone, with no help.”

Masie Jones, Social Service Manager, Mecklenburg Transportation System

“It has proven to be a very useful system for us. Not only the live version, but with the ability in tracking the playback to show where we have been. It’s a great system!”

Erik Dickson, Assistant Director, Missoula County Public Works

“We use the system in a lot of different ways…for accountability. Our installation time was tight, and Fortress Mobile was Johnny on the spot.”

Dr. Thomasine Hassell, Director of Transportation, Craven County Schools

“This system has helped with the accountability of our employees, as well as giving our customers status updates in real-time.”

Transport Supervisor, GAMS

“Since the installation, these departments have used the system to track, identify and apprehend suspects. The presence of these cameras has drastically reduced graffiti onboard each vehicle. We love the seamless installation into the vehicle, good end-user interface, and the easily expandable features. Fortress also has nearly full credits on their services, user friendly design, and system reliability”

Lee Mitchell, AirTrain Manager

“The cost level of this solution and what we got out of it in the end all weighed out. With the safety and security aspects, it made it all worthwhile!”

Eugene Smith, Transportation Director, Floyd County Schools


Interior and exterior Full HD cameras delivering crystal clear imaging even over distance, high speeds and low light

IP Camera

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Plug and Play real-time GPS refreshes over 200% faster than competitor devices

We listened to fleet managers and administrators and provided an industry-leading all-in-one solution. Best-in-class cameras, military standard recording, secure cloud based storage and continually upgraded web and mobile software. That's SureBus™ powered by Microsoft Azure.



Smart Reports

Smart Reporting

Multi-featured reports including tracking, speeding, engine, Stop-Arm and idle time.

Safety and Security

An all-in-one software solution for accident prevention, insurance compliance and legal exoneration

Cloud Computing

Fleet management is more than owning and operating vehicles.

SureBus™ – safety, security, scalability.

Fleet management is a growing industry, set to reach $34 billion by 2025. Whether your fleet is big or small, you need to efficiently manage it and have peace of mind around your processes.

Fortress Mobile is your trusted partner in fleet management software. Our cutting-edge technology is industry leading – helping you manage your vehicles and equipment at scale.

From snow plows to school buses – SureBus™ cloud-based software Fleet Management solutions are customizable for any industry.

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