Making Fleet Management Easy

With Customized Cloud Software Solutuions

“We are able to handle complaints about our drivers in real-time. We are also able to see and correct student behavior.”

Cindi Papiez, Transportation Manager, Southern Regional School District

“Fortress offered a cost-effective option and they were willing to develop systems and reports based on our needs.”

Anthony Dupree, Design & Deployment Engineer, Park ‘N Fly

“This system has given our employees peace of mind. They don’t feel like they are alone, with no help.”

Masie Jones, Social Service Manager, Mecklenburg Transportation System

“It has proven to be a very useful system for us. Not only the live version, but with the ability in tracking the playback to show where we have been. It’s a great system!”

Erik Dickson, Assistant Director, Missoula County Public Works

“We use the system in a lot of different ways…for accountability. Our installation time was tight, and Fortress Mobile was Johnny on the spot.”

Dr. Thomasine Hassell, Director of Transportation, Craven County Schools

“This system has helped with the accountability of our employees, as well as giving our customers status updates in real-time.”

Transport Supervisor, GAMS

“Since the installation, these departments have used the system to track, identify and apprehend suspects. The presence of these cameras has drastically reduced graffiti onboard each vehicle. We love the seamless installation into the vehicle, good end-user interface, and the easily expandable features. Fortress also has nearly full credits on their services, user friendly design, and system reliability”

Lee Mitchell, AirTrain Manager

“The cost level of this solution and what we got out of it in the end all weighed out. With the safety and security aspects, it made it all worthwhile!”

Eugene Smith, Transportation Director, Floyd County Schools

The Fortress Difference

Microsoft Cloud (AZURE) – Easily and securely access video recordings on any device, at any time, from anywhere. 

Mobile App – Access your fleet while on the go from iOS or android devices. 

SureBus Software – Video and GPS Fleet Management Cloud Based Platform. 

Customizable Solution – Tailored software solutions available upon request for special fleet needs. 

Active DVR Health Monitoring – Hardware failure alerts keep you informed. 

Live-Streaming – See live video of your assets in real-time to address issues immediately. 

All-In-One Hybrid DVR/NVR – Get all the benefits of both a DVR and NVR, with fewer accessories and wiring. 

Stay Connected – DVR/NVR with Live GPS, 4G/5G LTE, and Wi-Fi integration. 

Video Recording Quality – 720p, 1080p and 4k quality recordings on state-of-the-art cameras. 

Easy Sharing – Easily share videos with your team, authorities, or insurance companies. 

Cost Efficient – Multiple Functions on one platform which can reduce fleet hardware and software costs by up to 40%. 


Interior and exterior Full HD cameras delivering crystal clear imaging even over distance, high speeds and low light

IP Camera
For Box Phone

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Plug and Play real-time GPS refreshes over 200% faster than competitor devices

We listened to fleet managers and administrators and provided an industry-leading all-in-one solution. Best-in-class cameras, military standard recording, secure cloud based storage and continually upgraded web and mobile software. That's SureBus™ powered by Microsoft Azure.



Smart Reports

Smart Reporting

Multi-featured reports including tracking, speeding, engine, Stop-Arm and idle time.

Safety and Security

An all-in-one software solution for accident prevention, insurance compliance and legal exoneration

Cloud Computing

Fleet management is more than owning and operating vehicles.

SureBus™ - safety, security, scalability.

Fleet management is a growing industry, set to reach $34 billion by 2025. Whether your fleet is big or small, you need to efficiently manage it and have peace of mind around your processes.

Fortress Mobile is your trusted partner in fleet management software. Our cutting-edge technology is industry leading - helping you manage your vehicles and equipment at scale.

heavy_equipment_cloud platform test

From snow plows to school buses - SureBus™ cloud-based software Fleet Management solutions are customizable for any industry.

Fortress Mobile Fleet Management Software

For over two decades, Fortress Mobile has provided our clients with world-class fleet management solutions at competitive prices. Our valued customers enjoy access to leading-edge technologies, comprehensive fleet management systems, state-of-the-art equipment, and a common-sense pricing model.

While we work with any client that needs mobile video, GPS, and fleet management services, Fortress Mobile specializes in serving the public transit, public school system, commercial/OTR transport, and public works sectors. However, we have pricing models and management packages to suit the needs of virtually any fleet of 50 vehicles or more.


Our Solutions

For over two decades, Fortress Mobile has provided our clients with world-class fleet management solutions at competitive prices. Our valued customers enjoy access to leading-edge technologies, comprehensive fleet management systems, state-of-the-art equipment, and a common-sense pricing model.

While we work with any client that needs mobile video, GPS, and fleet management services, Fortress Mobile specializes in serving the public transit, public school system, commercial/OTR transport, and public works sectors. However, we have pricing models and management packages to suit the needs of virtually any fleet of 50 vehicles or more.

Leading-Edge SureBus Software

At the heart of our solution is our SureBus software. SureBus is by far the most comprehensive fleet management software on the market.

It provides a 360-degree overview of all assets via a user-friendly interface. Our SureBus technology includes live streaming capabilities and an intuitive mobile app to ensure that you can access fleet data anytime from anywhere.

Our SureBus software is supported by Microsoft Azure infrastructure, which facilitates cloud storage and a seamless management experience. The SureBus platform includes an abundance of safety and management features, including:

HD Recording

Our state-of-the-art NOVA line of DVRs supports full 1080P HD interior and exterior video recording, supporting up to 4K Ultra HD resolutions for 1-4 IP cameras on the NOVA XH. Our Video Playback Software provides 10x digital zoom capabilities which is essential in the event of a critical incident.

Our NOVA DVR can support up to eight analog HD cameras plus eight additional HD IP cameras. Each channel is capable of recording up to 30 FPS for optimal video quality. All of our cameras are night vision enabled with low-light recording capabilities to ensure that you can always capture the best video quality in all scenarios.

Not only does our platform support superior video quality, but it also makes the retrieval process seamless and hassle-free.

You can live stream any cameras from the mobile app. In addition, SureBus allows you to download any out-in-the-field camera video clips on demand over cellular. This coverage means that buses or other fleet vehicles will no longer have to be driven to a centralized location for video retrieval purposes. Additionally, if your fleet yard is Wi-Fi equipped, video can be downloaded over Wi-Fi when the vehicle returns to the yard.

Communication Tools

The SureBus platform will act as your eyes and ears when managing your fleet. In addition to top-quality video, SureBus facilitates communication between your fleet coordinators and vehicle operators. SureBus allows you to send customizable in-cab alerts to drivers. You can also distribute push notifications via the mobile app.

Don’t want to distract your drivers? No worries. SureBus also allows for live-audio hands-free driver communication without the need for a 2-way radio

Driver Assistance Software

Our SureBus platform doesn’t just make life simpler for your fleet managers; it also offers several driver assistance tools as well. SureBus has timecard reporting tools that document driver and vehicle operation times. This suite of tools also includes a pre/post-trip inspection (DVIR) with a 7-day history.

Using its GPS capabilities, SureBus software can provide drivers with turn-by-turn navigation assistance as well. By opening the user-friendly mobile app, drivers can even access the current locations of nearby fleet vehicles.

24/7 Cloud-Based Access

As a cloud-based platform, SureBus does not require any extensive software installation. This agility reduces the administrative burden on your IT team or managed service provider. With its cloud infrastructure, SureBus is accessible both inside and outside of your network.

All of your video footage and other vital data is safely stored on Fortress Mobile’s secure cloud. If you prefer, we can also facilitate data storage on your on-site server.

Regardless of which solution you select, videos can be shared via unique password-protected links. Our platform allows you to perform data downloads over your WiFi and cellular networks for maximum accessibility.

Industry-Specific Customization Capabilities

At Fortress Mobile, we understand that each industry has unique needs and particular pain points to overcome. That is why we give you the power to customize our SureBus platform in order to streamline fleet management and access the tools you need to protect your assets.

For instance, School Districts can leverage our stop-arm detection functionality. This invaluable tool can detect when a bus driver deploys the stop arm.

The stop-arm detection feature is supplemented by our Virtual Guard mobile app, which includes a proactive behavioral solution. The Virtual Guard app even includes an automated violation report generator feature that will produce affidavits for violators.

State-of-the-Art Cameras

When designing our cameras, Fortress Mobile wanted to solve common video capture issues that have traditionally plagued vehicle-based camera systems.

In order to do so, we created cameras with large aperture heads, which allow in more light than traditional recording devices. The result is a high-quality video that is not grainy, fuzzy, or otherwise difficult to view.

In addition to our standard in-cabin and exterior cameras, Fortress Mobile also offers 1080P high-definition Stop Arm cameras. These cameras offer up to 6 Megapixel resolution, which allows you to distinguish the make, model, and color of vehicles.

Our cameras are designed to be both vandal-proof and weather-proof, which reduces your cost of ownership and ensures that your devices are working when you need them most.

Hybrid DVR/NVR

Fortress Mobile’s fleet management solutions are built to last, including our Hybrid DVR/NVR system.

Unlike other fleet management companies, we use military standard mobile DVRs that are ideal for monitoring a broad array of fleet vehicles, including school buses, law enforcement patrol vehicles, taxis, commercial buses, vans, and semi-trucks.

Our hybrid DVR/NVRs are vibration resistant, can store up to 4GB of video footage, are wireless-enabled, and have an integrated GPS. This setup reduces the number of components that you have to install on your fleet vehicles while simultaneously enhancing reliability.

When paired with the SureBus software, Fortress Mobile’s DVR/NVR system can even notify your fleet management team when an issue arises. The platform will let you know the nature of the issue, which vehicle it is occurring on, and where that asset is located so that you can respond promptly.


Fortress Mobile has two great GPS products designed to meet the needs of any fleet. Our most popular option is our fully integrated GPS that is built right into our cutting-edge DVD/NVR system.

This GPS has one of the fastest refresh rates on the market and will provide an updated location on your assets every three to eight seconds. It is also far more accurate than many other GPS solutions, which will significantly enhance your ability to manage and track your assets.

If you want an alternative solution, Fortress Mobile also offers a traditional plug-and-play GPS.

This simple but effective option also has an incredibly fast refresh rate and pinpoint accuracy. However, it does not require you to install the DVR/NVR system. Our plug-and-play GPS is an ideal option for operators who do not need camera systems but still want to accurately track their fleets using our SureBus platform.


Recent events have made the health and safety of your drivers and passengers a prime concern. In response, Fortress Mobile has incorporated an innovative technology into our world-class fleet management solution.

Known as ForTemp, this non-contact temperature station allows bus drivers and other vehicle operators to quickly assess the body temperature of passengers as they board the vehicle. ForTemp wrist and forehead stations are available, depending on preference and organizational need.

These devices use advanced facial recognition software to confirm if incoming passengers are wearing a mask. If they are not, and masks are a requirement for your organization, the ForTemp station can be programmed to emit an audible alert so that corrective action can be taken.

ForTemp stations can also be deployed in office buildings and other entry areas to monitor employees, guests, or other personnel.

What Makes Fortress Mobile Different?

Fortress Mobile offers the most comprehensive fleet management software on the market. Our live streaming capabilities, MS Azure support cloud storage, and user-friendly mobile app create a dynamic experience for our clients.

While our SureBus software is at the core of our offering, we support this one-of-a-kind technology with purpose-built hardware such as cameras, GPS units, and our hybrid DVR/NVR systems.

Cumulatively, these software and hardware components simplify the fleet management process and allow your organization to better protect its assets from frivolous insurance claims, acts of negligence, and any other incident that may endanger business continuity.

Who We Serve

At Fortress Mobile, we are all about providing our clients with true value-added fleet management solutions. Although we can tailor our offering to meet your unique needs, our entire SureBus software package provides optimal control over your fleet assets while simultaneously offering the best value.

Fortress Mobile has a wealth of experience serving clients in the OTR/commercial transport, public school, public transportation, and public works sectors. However, we are confident that we can meet your fleet management needs regardless of industry.

If you would like to learn more about our suite of services or our commitment to our clients, contact our team today. We look forward to discussing your fleet management solution.

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