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When it comes to transportation, the number one priority is safety. Improve driver and passenger safety, and increase security, with the industry leading solution - SureBus™ Fleet Management.


Track locations without contacting drivers. Get notified by Geofence Alerts when vehicles arrive and leave a specific location, of unsafe driving or when abnormal activity occurs. Dramatically reduce driver/dispatcher phone calls by having accurate information on where vehicles are at all times.

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Wi-Fi + GPS + Cellular built directly into Fortress DVRs, allows managers to view and download real-time video from vehicles - any time, anywhere. Know what’s happening in and around your vehicles to help prevent theft, vandalism and incidents. Know what’s happening on the road to take prompt action in an emergency.

“The ability to remotely access video and audit for safety compliance and insurance standards has been a great benefit.”

Anthony Dupree, Design & Deployment Engineer, Park ‘N Fly


Full HD 1080p imaging with enhanced audio quality give users the ability to create video clips and images with to share with other authorized users.

Cloud Computing


No more pulling hard drives out of each vehicle. Automatic file retrieval systems enable transit managers to instantly log on and view incidents in real-time, or any time.


Have hands-free conversation with any drivers in full-duplex audio via smartphone or computer.

two way communication

Shuttle Bus Case Study

Learn about Park 'N Fly's fleet management challenges and the system solution they implemented to overcome them.

Shuttle Buses require streamlined maintenance and management. Say goodbye to paper reports and take your fleet management and maintenance processes digital with SureBus™.


Extend the life of your assets. Reduce unexpected and costly breakdowns.

Some highlights

  • Stay DOT compliant with 7 days of vehicle inspection reporting and receipts available
  • Find defects during pre-trip inspections, not when vehicles are in the field
  • Past repairs auto-delete when new pre-trip inspections are cleared
  • Improved Digital Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) where drivers can attach snapshots of failed components and maintenance receipts
  • Easily manage and sort all vehicle inspection reports into Pass, Fail or Repaired
  • Six month history of DVIRs and repair receipts


  • Scheduled/Unscheduled Maintenance
  • Automatic alerts based on vehicle mileage or calendar dates
  • Confirm service and costs - upload and attach invoices to maintenance reports
  • Automatically sync vehicle diagnostic reports to schedule repairs as they happen, with DVIR



SureBus™ Fleet Management - 24/7 remote access with any computer or Android/iOS Fortress Mobile app.

Customize your solution.

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Your shuttle bus fleet has unique needs. Join us on our upcoming webinar and learn how to quickly improve your fleet management.


Shuttle Bus Fleet Management Software & Live GPS Tracking Solutions

Parts costs are rising rapidly, and budgets are tightening

It’s time to protect driver and passenger safety, prevent frivolous insurance claims, and optimize your routes with one of the most comprehensive shuttle bus fleet management software solutions on the market — SureBus™ Fleet Management, with everything necessary in a single package.


Real-Time GPS Tracking

Contact-free bus location lets your drivers keep their focus on the road, where it belongs. Live GPS tracking software provides location updates with three- to eight-second intervals to update vehicle locations at all times.

Expert live GPS tracking solutions provide immediate notifications of unsafe driving, abnormal activities, and regular departures. Reduce driver-dispatcher phone calls and save precious time with accurate information on all of your vehicles’ locations at all times, from anywhere.

Live Streaming Video

Our vibration-resistant Fortress DVRs allow managers to view and download videos in real-time or pull them from hardware — our shuttle bus fleet management software won’t make you choose.

Check vehicle footage anytime, anywhere, to prevent theft, vandalism, and incidents. Know what’s happening on the road so you can take prompt action in the event of an emergency.

With up to 4GB storage per device, ensure you have all of the data you need when you need it. A hybrid DVR/NVR system provides secure redundancy at the recording stage, with shuttle bus fleet management software that integrates GPS, LTE, and wireless communications in a single device to drive down prices and bump up savings.

Full HD Imaging

We offer camera variety to meet your needs, providing full HD 1080p imaging with enhanced audio quality at a lower cost than the competition. Stop arm cameras of equal quality capable of low-light recording ensure unified video quality with low-profile devices.

Automatic Download

No more pulling hard drives out of each vehicle. Automatic file retrieval systems enable transit managers to instantly log on to the cloud and view incidents in real-time or at any time.

Cloud storage duplicates data in the event of catastrophic destruction of DVR itself, preserving vital information in the worst situations. Live GPS tracking software reports to the cloud in second-measured intervals, retaining vital logs from before, during, and after every incident.

For-Temp Recording

Advanced camera monitoring for safety and compliance, whether mobile or stationary. High-quality facial recognition and mask detection software ensure only the right people drive your fleet and enforce compliance with established CDC regulations.

Monitor possible concerns before they cause catastrophe with automatic, non-contact temperature readings to keep each vehicle’s interior in optimal condition.

Live Two-Way Communication

Enjoy hands-free conversations with any driver in the fleet with full-duplex audio via mobile or computer so that you can get your updates in the office or on the go.

Make Management Easier

Shuttle buses require streamlined maintenance and management. Make paper reports a thing of the past and move your fleet into the 21st century with cloud-based storage, efficient recording, real-time monitoring, and live GPS tracking solutions at an affordable cost.

Extend the Life of Your Assets

Your buses are your livelihood, and unexpected breakdowns cost a fortune in both repair expenses and lost revenue. We offer monitoring solutions for every possibility and real-time tracking to catch incidents and deficiencies before they happen. Be proactive rather than reactive, and save yourself time, money, and headaches.

From a single dashboard, plan and initiate scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Keep regular updates for vehicle mileage thresholds and specific calendar dates to perform the right work at the right time.

Confirm service and costs — upload and attach invoices to in-system maintenance reports, accessible on both mobile and desktop, to keep all data in a single secure location.

Automatically sync vehicle diagnostic reports to schedule repairs as they happen with DVIR.

Some Highlights

We offer a variety of services and benefits to prove that after 20 years of providing fleet management solutions, we’re still the best in the business:

● With seven days of vehicle inspection reporting and receipts, remain DOT compliant at all times

● Use pre-trip inspections to find vehicle defects before they enter the field

● Don’t get bogged down by past repairs — reports auto-delete when new inspections clear

● Empower your drivers to report inspection failures directly with easy image uploads and access

● Sort all inspection reports into Pass, Fail, or Repaired categories from one easy dashboard

Our dashboard system aims to address every pain point across your entire fleet.

24/7 Remote Access

Break free from office-only maintenance and log in from anywhere in the world to do what needs to be done, when it needs doing. Remote access is simple with any computer or any Android/iOS device with the Fortress Mobile app.

Take advantage of driving downtime, maximize WFH productivity, and customize your solutions to your fleet. Every bus is different, and every fleet needs to adjust its solution to fit them.


Recent events have made the health and safety of your drivers and passengers a prime concern. In response, Fortress Mobile has incorporated an innovative technology into our world-class fleet management solution.

Known as ForTemp, this non-contact temperature station allows bus drivers and other vehicle operators to quickly assess the body temperature of passengers as they board the vehicle. ForTemp wrist and forehead stations are available, depending on preference and organizational need.

These devices use advanced facial recognition software to confirm if incoming passengers are wearing a mask. If they are not, and masks are a requirement for your organization, the ForTemp station can be programmed to emit an audible alert so that corrective action can be taken.

ForTemp stations can also be deployed in office buildings and other entry areas to monitor employees, guests, or other personnel.

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Register for an upcoming webinar that fits your schedule, and join us to learn just how quickly you can improve your fleet management and make stress a thing of the past.

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