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When it comes to student transportation, the number one priority is safety. From bullying onboard to Stop-Arm violations on the street, our all-in-one solution protects children on and outside school buses.

In 2013 Fortress Mobile identified the need for improved cameras on school buses. We designed the first Stop-Arm Hi-Resolution IP Camera that captures the license plate and driver’s image even at high speed, far away and in low light.

SureBus™ helps administrators and parents with safe, efficient, student transportation.


Driver App


  • Real-time school bus location
  • Rate drivers
  • Communicate with bus dispatcher
  • Get bus arrival notifications


School buses will typically have 4-7 cameras plus a Stop-Arm camera with a DVR and GPS. Typically 4 cameras are placed inside to monitor the driver area and all the seats, there are times that more cameras are required for more coverage and angles.

Camera Placements



SureBus™ Fleet Management - 24/7 remote access with any computer or Android/iOS Fortress Mobile app.

Customize your solution.

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IP-Rated Camera
  • Clear and detailed imagery even at high speed, over distance and in low light.
  • License plate capture
  • Driver's face capture
  • Time-stamped images
  • Video recording

Fortress Mobile Stop-Arm cameras for school buses are IP-rated outdoor cameras that affix to the side of the bus. This HD camera focuses on a vehicle that passes once the Stop-Arm deploys.

Provided by a Fortress Mobile customer. NOTE: The bus driver sustained minor injuries, no students were injured.


This accident was captured by six camera angles and totally absolved the driver of any wrong doing. Fortress Mobile's exterior school bus cameras recorded the hit vehicle's license plate prior to the accident and the license plate of the vehicle that caused the accident. In the case of a hit-and-run, HD quality evidence was an encrypted link away from law enforcement.

A close call with a Log Truck that couldn’t stop in time, passing stopped school buses. Luckily no one was injured but in the case of a hit-and-run, law enforcement could quickly locate the vehicle because of the clear footage of the truck's license plate.

Provided by a Fortress Mobile customer.

“Fortress’s solutions were modular enough to accommodate the different bus brands within our fleet. Their software is easy to use, but has so many features that we feel it can handle just about any request we may have of it.”

Transportation Manager, Vineland Public Schools


Full HD 1080p imaging with enhanced audio quality give users the ability to create video clips and images with to share with other authorized users.



No more pulling hard drives out of each truck. Automatic file retrieval systems enable transit managers to instantly log on and view incidents in real-time, or any time.


Have hands-free conversation with any drivers in full-duplex audio via smartphone or computer.

two way communication


SEE AND SEND - capture what really happened and easily share Stop-Arm violations with law enforcement with our Digital Stop-Arm Violation Report Generator that includes digital affidavits.

Pupil Transit Case Study

Learn about Craven County Schools' and Southern Regional Schools' fleet management challenges, and the system solution they implemented to overcome them.

“We are able to handle complaints about our drivers in real-time. We are also able to see and correct student behavior.”

Cindi Papiez, Transportation Manager, Southern Regional School District

Our industry-changing all-in-one cloud-based fleet management platform means more than monitoring and detection. We designed SureBUS™ with safety and security as the top priority.

Our SureBus™ camera / gps system is fully upgradable and scaleable as your fleet grows.

School Bus Cameras & Live GPS Tracking Software

When it comes to student transportation, safety and security are our top priorities. From in-cabin camera systems designed to stop bullying onboard, to external cameras to track Stop-Arm violations on the street, we provide an all-in-one answer to your need for effective school bus fleet management software solutions.

In 2013, Fortress Mobile designed the first Stop-Arm Hi-Resolution IP camera. Able to capture license plates and driver images even at high speeds, across long distances, and in low light, this device exemplifies our commitment to ensuring that violators don’t escape the consequences of their bad decisions.


Benefits for Administrators

In addition to our stop-arm enforcement and automated violation reporting, we provide ridership number reports, driver safety analysis, passenger behavior modeling, and live, hands-free two-way communication between you and your drivers.

Accessible via smartphone or computer, you can touch base with your drivers at any time — in the office or on the go — and manage crises as they come.

The Surebus Driver Client app provides an all-in-one software solution allowing existing mobile devices to easily access your live GPS tracking software. Ensure the locations of your drivers — and your student passengers — at all times.

Real-time onboard and exterior surveillance exceeds expectations for school bus fleet management software. Prevent and monitor vandalism and thefts, both inside and out.

With 24/7 customer service, if any of our robust systems suffer a breakdown or outage, we’re here to help get you back on the road right away, with your live GPS tracking solutions intact.

Peace of Mind for Parents

Our live GPS tracking solutions notify you of bus locations in real-time. During inclement weather, this lets you prepare for drop-off and pick-up with efficient visits to stops and minimized worry.

You can rate drivers to reward excellent student treatment and promote opportunities for improvement in others. Communicate with bus dispatchers in real-time, and get expert updates on bus status.

Enable push notifications for school bus arrivals to keep notice of each child’s status with a familiar system that fits right in your pocket.

Expert Camera Options

Most school buses equipped with our all-in-one school bus fleet management software camera package carry four to seven internal cameras, plus a stop-arm camera, as well as a DVR and GPS.

This camera solution provides low-cost monitoring of the entire bus range with no compromise in viewing quality or data storage. HD 1080p video and enhanced audio are provided with competitive pricing plans that make quality affordable.

Camera Configurations

Four cameras monitor the driver area and all seats, with minimal redundancies to cover most angles. If more cameras are required to record greater area or compensate for nonstandard dimensions, we have the options ready. The cameras keep their high-quality data safe on our top-of-the-line Fortress DVRs.

Our DVR recorder combines 4 GB of onboard storage with cloud-based uploading to keep data safe even in the event of sabotage or failure and ensures valuable video evidence remains accessible in the event of a catastrophe. We help you prepare for the worst to promote student safety and minimize liability.

Automatic downloads save valuable time — you no longer need to manually remove hard drives from vehicles. Instead, our automatic file systems upload HD video to the cloud to empower admins to log into cloud-based storage from anywhere and view incidents as they happen — or any time after.

Stop-Arm Cameras for School Buses

With clear and detailed imagery recorded at high speed, over distance in low-light conditions, you can capture license plates and driver faces with ease. No more grainy, low-quality images, but instead high-quality timestamped evidence of dangerous moving violations.

These HD video recording devices are IP-rated outdoor cameras solidly affixed to the side of the bus and detect motion when the stop-arm deploys to identify and capture images of vehicles that pass. When the stop-arm retracts, the camera stops recording to save valuable time and space. Your system only records when you need it most.

Accident Reporting

Capture events in full-color HD and share stop-arm violations with law enforcement with ease. Our cameras not only detect violations but provide a violation report generator, including digital affidavits, to ensure violators are brought to justice.

Real Events

Fortress Mobile made sure to record every piece of vital information in this crash. With six separate camera angles captured simultaneously and the perpetrator’s license plates recorded before and after the accident, the bus driver was absolved of any wrongdoing. As the other driver attempted a hit-and-run, Fortress Mobile automatically sent encrypted HD video evidence to law enforcement to help bring the perpetrator to justice.

Another hit-and-run, this time with a log truck that couldn't stop in time and blew past stopped school buses. Fortunately, there were no injuries, but once again, the driver fled the scene. Law enforcement found the vehicle and driver fast thanks to legible, high-quality footage of his plate taken from the stop-arm cameras.

On-Demand Webinar

No two school systems are alike, and they all have unique needs that we are ready to meet. Register for our next webinar and learn how you can improve your fleet management with school bus fleet management software solutions. Create a more efficient and transparent fleet today.

GPS Tracking for School Buses

In the realm of student transportation, ensuring safety transcends mere obligation—it becomes our collective responsibility. At the heart of this critical mission is Fortress Mobile, a pioneer in integrating School Bus Cameras, GPS Systems, and comprehensive fleet management solutions designed to safeguard children both onboard and in the vicinity of school buses. Since its inception in 2013, Fortress Mobile has recognized the glaring need for advanced surveillance and tracking technology on school buses, responding with innovations like the Stop-Arm Hi-Resolution IP Camera—a groundbreaking solution capable of capturing crisp images of license plates and drivers' faces even at high speeds, from a distance, and in low-light conditions.

Our School Bus Fleet Tracking Software

Our flagship product, SureBus™, is engineered to assist school administrators and parents in ensuring safe, efficient, and secure student transportation. For administrators, the benefits of implementing Fortress Mobile’s solutions are extensive, encompassing Stop-Arm Enforcement and Violation Reporting, comprehensive Ridership Reporting, meticulous Driver Safety Monitoring, Behavioral Monitoring, seamless 2-way communication, a vital Panic/Incident Response Button, the intuitive SureBus™ Driver Client® app, Real-time onboard and exterior surveillance, effortless Recording and Retrieval, advanced GPS vehicle tracking, and round-the-clock customer service. These features are integral components of the broader Fortress Mobile Fleet Management System, designed to optimize school bus operations while prioritizing student safety.

Parents, too, are afforded peace of mind with real-time access to the school bus location. The integration of GPS technology with Cameras and DVRs, underpinned by SECURE CLOUD SOFTWARE & STORAGE, ensures that all stakeholders remain informed and in control of student transportation safety.

SureBus™ Fleet Management enables 24/7 remote access through any computer or via the Android/iOS Fortress Mobile app, allowing for unprecedented flexibility and customization to meet the specific needs of any school district.

Key to our suite of safety measures are the STOP-ARM CAMERAS FOR SCHOOL BUSES, designed for clear, detailed imagery capable of capturing license plates and driver faces in challenging conditions—high speed, long distance, and low light. These IP-rated outdoor cameras are crucial for enforcing stop-arm laws, providing time-stamped images and video recordings to support legal and disciplinary actions.

The quality of our surveillance extends to FULL HD IMAGING, offering Full HD 1080p resolution with enhanced audio quality. This capability is essential for creating and sharing video clips among authorized users, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and documentation of events on and around the school bus.

Our Bus Fleet Management

Innovation in retrieval and communication defines our AUTO DOWNLOAD and LIVE TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION features. The former eliminates the manual labor of extracting hard drives for data retrieval, enabling transit managers to instantly access incident footage remotely. Meanwhile, the latter facilitates real-time, hands-free conversation between drivers and administrators, enhancing the coordination and response to any incident.

ACCIDENT REPORTING is streamlined through our SEE AND SEND technology, which captures critical moments and facilitates the easy sharing of Stop-Arm violations with law enforcement. Our Digital Stop-Arm Violation Report Generator, complete with digital affidavits, ensures that every incident is accurately documented and actionable.

Through the integration of fleet management software, fleet tracking software, GPS trackers for fleet vehicles, and bus fleet management technology, Fortress Mobile stands at the forefront of safeguarding student transportation. Our comprehensive solutions embody our commitment to innovation, safety, and the peace of mind for both administrators and parents alike. As we continue to evolve and expand our offerings, the bedrock of our mission remains unchanged: to protect the most precious cargo of all—our children.


Your school system and fleet has unique needs. Join us on our upcoming webinar and learn how to quickly improve your fleet management.

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