Police Cars and Prisoner Transport Vehicles

Fortress Mobile is your trusted partner in fleet management solutions. Police cars and prisoner transport vehicles have different and unique needs. You may want to protect your officers, protect the outside of your vehicles, monitor and protect your prisoners, or just track where they are. This requires a solution that is tailor made to your needs. Whether your fleet has several vehicles or several thousand, our industry leading, cutting-edge technology helps you manage your vehicles and equipment.


Protect your assets and vehicle from theft or damage. With up to 16 channel cameras plus Wi-Fi + GPS + Cellular enabled Fortress Mobile DVRs you can remotely view and download real-time video from vehicles, wherever they are.

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Instantly find vehicle locations and retrieve information about driving behavior including vehicle speed, engine start-up, shutdown and idling time. Our GPS tracking device is an industry leader that locates in seconds, instead of up to one minute.


Police Departments and Correctional Facilities have a variety of vehicle types, so no one configuration will Police cars would typically include a dual-head camera with a DVR and GPS. Prisoner transport vans would typically utilize up to 4-5 cameras, and prisoner buses could need more than 8 cameras. Our team will discuss and customize a solution that fits your vehicle and departmental needs.

Prisoner Transport

“It has proven to be a very useful system for us. Not only the live version, but with the ability in tracking the playback to show where we have been. It’s a great system!”

Erik Dickson, Assistant Director, Missoula County


Easily see what is happening on the road and in your vehicles. With real-time Full HD video streaming, in-cab communication and recordings securely stored in the cloud, it's easy to monitor and track driver behavior. If an accident happens, quickly access data and recordings for law enforcement and insurance companies to ascertain fault. Fast action can result in decreased litigation costs, litigation exposure, and save time and money in accident reconstruction.




SureBus™ Fleet Management - 24/7 remote access with any computer or Android/iOS Fortress Mobile app.

Customize your solution for OTR Transportation.

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Driver App

Track locations without contacting drivers. Get notified by Geofence Alerts when vehicles arrive and leave a specific location, of unsafe driving or when abnormal activity occurs. Dramatically reduce driver/dispatcher phone calls by having accurate information on where your trucks are at all times.


Wi-Fi + GPS + Cellular built directly into Fortress DVRs, allows managers to view and download real-time video from vehicles - any time, anywhere. Know what’s happening around the vehicle or inside the trailer to help protect assets. Know what’s happening on the road to take prompt action in an emergency.


Full HD 1080p imaging with enhanced audio quality give users the ability to create video clips and images with to share with other authorized users.



No more pulling hard drives out of each vehicle. Automatic file retrieval systems enable transit managers to instantly log on and view incidents in real-time, or any time.


Have hands-free conversation with any drivers in full-duplex audio via smartphone or computer.

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Comprehensive Fleet Management Software for Police Cars & Prisoner Transports

Fleet management software for prisoner transports and police cars must be able to meet the unique demands of these high-liability professions. Therefore, it is vital that your agency partners with an experienced fleet management and live GPS tracking software provider like Fortress Mobile.

Our innovative solutions are precisely what you need to protect your officers and the general public. These technologies also maximize fleet transparency so that you know precisely where your vehicles are located at all times. This insight is particularly beneficial when managing large, diverse fleets that include multiple types of vehicles.


Fortress Mobile’s Fleet Management Software

Fortress Mobile’s fleet management software is secure, user-friendly, and flexible. As a result, it can be tailored to meet the unique needs of police cars and prisoner transport fleets. Our software seamlessly integrates with our entire suite of monitoring hardware, including GPS devices, cameras, DVRs, and more.

The Fortress Mobile fleet management software solutions give fleet personnel, officers, and supervisors easy access to camera footage, GPS location records, and other relevant data. Agency administration can maintain total control over each member’s level of access in order to protect the integrity of records.

Our Live GPS Tracking Solutions

Live GPS tracking solutions are an integral component of our fleet management software. Real-time GPS tracking lends itself to improved officer safety, as dispatchers or other personnel can locate each officer’s vehicle at the click of a button. This data can be used to coordinate assistance in emergency situations and save lives.

Our live GPS tracking software also assists with protecting the agency from liability. The software can be used to document how long officers took to respond to calls for service or complete prisoner transports.

Benefits of Our Police Car Fleet Management Software Solutions

Fortress Mobile’s robust fleet management software solutions offer a multitude of benefits for officers, your agency, and the general public. These benefits include:

Improve Fleet Transparency

When agency personnel can obtain precise data on all police cars and prisoner transports, they can improve asset transparency. They can use this data to coordinate response to calls, verify the location of assets and officers, and ensure compliance with schedules and routines.

Guard Against Civil Liability

Fortress Mobile’s camera systems can be used to document critical incidents or routine prisoner transports. Agency administrators can review this footage to verify that officers are driving safely and following relevant protocols, such as bucking prisoners in during transport.

In turn, this protects the agency and the officers from civil liability while also ensuring the safety of prisoners in custody.

Document Officer and Prisoner Actions

The data gathered from Fortress Mobile’s fleet management software can be used to respond to allegations of misconduct and exonerate officers when they are falsely accused of wrongdoing. Our systems can also be used to document prisoner actions and behavior during transport.

The technology can reveal illicit activities committed by prisoners while in transport (e.g., attempting to hide contraband). Fortress Mobile’s camera systems can also help officers monitor prisoners for medical emergencies that require prompt treatment.

Our fleet management software can be used to monitor officer driving habits as well. Officers have a responsibility to operate police cars and prisoner transport vehicles in a safe and lawful manner, especially when responding to emergencies.

The cameras and other equipment included in Fortress Mobile’s suite allow agencies to verify that their officers are adhering to vehicle operations policies. Agencies can administer additional training to officers whenever deficiencies are discovered.

Top Features of Our Fleet Management Software

Fortress Mobile’s fleet management software is unlike any other solution on the market. Some of the highlights of our offering include:

Live GPS Tracking Software

Many GPS tracking solutions provide positional updates in intervals. These intervals might be two, three, five, or even ten minutes apart. While two minutes might not seem like a long time, it can mean the difference between life and death during an emergency situation.

Fortress Mobile’s solution offers true real-time GPS tracking. Dispatch and supervisors can access up-to-the-second GPS positional data on vehicles at any time.

Real-Time Streaming Video

Fortress Mobile’s software also facilitates real-time video streaming. Supervisors can stream video from patrol cars or prisoner transports while vehicles are in transit. This access is possible because Fortress DVRs have built-in GPS, cellular, and WiFi capabilities.

Full HD Imaging

All video cameras capture footage in HD 1080p. This crystal-clear footage can serve as evidence in court proceedings and also be used to document officer actions during internal investigations. The video footage is stored on the cloud via Microsoft Azure and can be accessed from either a desktop or mobile app.

Get a Quote Today

If you would like to learn more about Fortress Mobile’s fleet management software and live GPS tracking solutions for police vehicles, connect with our team today.

We can provide you with a no-obligation quote based on the unique needs of your police car and/or prisoner transport fleet. Our team looks forward to helping you maximize fleet transparency with our leading-edge fleet management software.


Police Departments and Correctional Facilities have unique needs. Join us on our upcoming webinar and learn how to quickly improve your fleet management.

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