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Fortress Mobile is your trusted partner in fleet management solutions. Armored trucks have unique needs. You want to protect your assets, protect the outside of your vehicles, protect your drivers, or just track where they are. This requires a solution that is tailor made to your needs. Whether your fleet has several vehicles or several thousand, our industry leading, cutting-edge technology helps you manage your vehicles and equipment.


Protect your assets and vehicle from theft or damage. With up to 16 channel cameras plus Wi-Fi + GPS + Cellular enabled Fortress Mobile DVRs you can remotely view and download real-time video from vehicles, wherever they are.

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Instantly find vehicle locations and retrieve information about driving behavior including vehicle speed, engine start-up, shutdown and idling time. Our GPS tracking device is an industry leader that locates in seconds, instead of up to one minute.

“The system looks great. We love it!”

Dan Tursky, Transport Lead, MCR Labs


Easily see what is happening on the road and in your vehicles. With real-time Full HD video streaming, in-cab communication and recordings securely stored in the cloud, it's easy to monitor and track driver behavior. If an accident happens, quickly access data and recordings for law enforcement and insurance companies to ascertain fault. Fast action can result in decreased litigation costs, litigation exposure, and save time and money in accident reconstruction.

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If your insurance company accepts GPS audits of fleet driving records for your fleet, they may offer more competitive coverage.



SureBus™ Fleet Management - 24/7 remote access with any computer or Android/iOS Fortress Mobile app.

Customize your solution for OTR Transportation.

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Driver App

Track locations without contacting drivers. Get notified by Geofence Alerts when vehicles arrive and leave a specific location, of unsafe driving or when abnormal activity occurs. Dramatically reduce driver/dispatcher phone calls by having accurate information on where your trucks are at all times.


Wi-Fi + GPS + Cellular built directly into Fortress DVRs, allows managers to view and download real-time video from vehicles - any time, anywhere. Know what’s happening around the vehicle or inside the trailer to help protect assets. Know what’s happening on the road to take prompt action in an emergency.


Full HD 1080p imaging with enhanced audio quality give users the ability to create video clips and images with to share with other authorized users.



No more pulling hard drives out of each vehicle. Automatic file retrieval systems enable transit managers to instantly log on and view incidents in real-time, or any time.


Have hands-free conversation with any drivers in full-duplex audio via smartphone or computer.

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Armored Truck Fleet Management Software & Live GPS Tracking Solutions

For over two decades, Fortress Mobile has been providing our clients with innovative fleet management software and live GPS tracking solutions. Our technology suite is the ideal fleet management solution for a wide range of industries, including the armored truck sector.

If you need a safe, efficient, and reliable way to manage your fleet of armored trucks, Fortress Mobile can help. We offer everything from HD 1080p cameras to cloud-based video storage. Our pinpoint-accurate live GPS tracking software is also one of our premier services.


Fortress Mobile’s Premier Armored Truck Fleet Management Software

Fortress Mobile has curated a catalog of hardware components and paired these high-quality devices with leading-edge armored truck fleet management software. This software features an intuitive and user-friendly design that your fleet supervisors can use to closely monitor all armored trucks and other vehicle assets.

Our DVR comes equipped with built-in cellular, WiFi, and GPS capabilities. It can accommodate up to 16 camera channels so that you can monitor your vehicles from every angle, inside and out.

From our forward-facing dashboard camera to our secure cabin camera, you can ensure that your crew and the cargo they are transporting are safe at all times. All of our camera systems generate a live feed that can be accessed via our fleet management software.

Fortress Mobile knows that you do not always have the luxury of monitoring your fleet from the comfort of your office. Frequently, you will be out in the field when you need to check on the status of your fleet.

We make this easier than ever with our user-friendly mobile app. You can use the app to view up-to-the-second positional data on your fleet, access camera feeds, and keep an engaged watch over the entirety of your fleet operations.

Live GPS Tracking Software to Optimize Fleet Transparency

Fortress Mobile’s live GPS tracking solution is one of the best in the industry. Our technology allows you to track the precise position of all of your armored trucks 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can use this information to ensure that deliveries and pickups are being made on time — and you can also review GPS data to gauge fleet efficiency.

Live GPS tracking software such as ours is also incredibly helpful when you're planning routes for your armored trucks. Your route planners can optimize delivery and pickup routing in order to save time and improve the customer experience.

Optimized routes will also decrease the workload on your armored truck crews and reduce fuel costs. This optimization can lead to significant cost savings for your business.

Our Comprehensive Fleet Management Software Solutions

Fortress Mobile’s dynamic fleet management software solutions include a multitude of monitoring tools and other capabilities, including the following:

Cloud-Based Video Storage

All of our devices use cloud-based storage so that you can retain important videos, GPS location data, and other information collected from your armored truck devices.

Authorized users can remotely access this data from anywhere in the world, so long as they have the needed login credentials and a stable internet connection. Cloud-based storage eliminates the need to invest in costly on-site storage solutions.

HD Cameras

All of Fortress Mobile’s cameras record in 1080p HD. This ultra-clear video can be used to investigate concerning incidents, document traffic incidents to reduce your company’s liability, or monitor staff driving habits.

These are just a few potential use cases for our HD camera footage. Our selection of cameras includes forward-facing dash cameras, rear or side-facing exterior cameras, and interior devices.

Real-Time Video Streaming

You do not have to wait until video content is uploaded to the cloud in order to review it. Our cellular-enabled DVRs allow you to stream video content in real-time. This access means that you can check in on your armored trucks anytime they are out in the field. The real-time video feature is particularly useful in emergency situations.

Live GPS Tracking Software

Live GPS tracking software is one of Fortress Mobile’s most sought-after solutions. This technology provides precision location and speed data on all of your armored trucks. GPS tracking data is invaluable when you're planning routes, monitoring the driving habits of staff, or optimizing deliveries.

Get Your Demo Today

If you are interested in learning more about Fortress Mobile’s leading-edge fleet management software and live GPS tracking solutions, book your free demo today. Our experienced team will be glad to demonstrate the capabilities of our robust armored truck fleet management technologies.

Once you have seen our fleet management software in action, we can provide you with a detailed quote. We can tailor our products and services based on the size and needs of your armored truck fleet. Fortress Mobile is up to the task whether your armored truck fleet has 50 or 5,000 vehicles.

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Armored vehicles have unique needs. Join us on our upcoming webinar and learn how to quickly improve your fleet management.

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