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Pair Hardware With SureBus™ For Ultimate Fleet Management

When it comes to student transportation, the number one priority is safety. Fortress Mobile’s school bus camera solution provides a reliable, robust, and comprehensive student and driver management tracking system to ensure everyone’s safety on-board.

Fortress Mobile offers a complete, all-in-one solution for protecting all children on the school bus.

Product Features



Live GPS tracking technology allows managers to track the vehicle’s location without contacting the driver. This provides accurate information on when/where the bus will arrive at the dispatchers, drivers, and parents. GPS tracking dramatically reduces the amount of parent/dispatcher phone calls by providing accurate information on where the school buses and students are at all times.


With Wi-Fi + GPS + Cellular built directly into Fortress DVRs, this allows managers to view and download real-time video from the bus at any time from anywhere. It provides the capability to know what’s happening on the bus and enables quick action in an emergency. Users can view student/driver behavior on the bus and catch stop-arm violations outside the bus, all from one complete cloud platform system.


With full HD 1080p imaging and the enhanced audio quality, users will have access to create video clips and images with facial masking to share with other authorized users. The solution includes up to 16 channel interior cameras plus 8 channel stop-arm cameras.


The automatic file retrieval systems use wireless and cellular technology to allow transit managers to log on instantaneously and view incidents as they occur, or soon after, without manually pulling out the hard drives in each bus lot.

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All-in-One Solution

The Fortress Mobile SureBus™ fleet management cloud platform allows the customer to: view the location of all vehicles in real-time, stream live video, download video on demand over Wi-Fi/cellular, and generate driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR) through an app. It also provides user access to route scheduling, smart reports, historical route data, immediate alert notifications, and two-way communication in full-duplex audio.

With the Wi-Fi Auto-Download feature, instantly retrieve and download any video needed over Wi-Fi. Additionally, the public transit cameras system also records the GPS coordinates providing the synchronized vehicle location, speed, and direction of travel, both of which are displayed digitally under the playback map.

  • HD Camera Surveillance
  • Two-Way Radio
  • Panic/Incident Response Button
  • Alarm/Notification Alerts
  • Web and Mobile Access
  • Digital Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)
  • Stop-Arm Camera Solution
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Live Video Streaming

Interior Cameras

Fortress HD cameras surveil and record within the cabin of the vehicle. These cameras come in 960p and 1080p options. The 1080p camera has a crystal-clear image that can zoom into to see minute details. These are most commonly used within a bus. The 960p has a slightly lower resolution and is a lower-cost option. These cameras are typically used in maintenance or supervisor vehicles, where the higher resolution is not as big of a priority. When either camera pairs with Fortress’ SureBus™ software, the vehicle operator can mark events or files, allowing for expedited retrieval and review process.

IP-Rated Camera

Stop-Arm Cameras

Fortress Mobile Stop-Arm cameras are IP-rated outdoor cameras that affix to the side of the bus. This HD camera focuses on a vehicle that passes once the stop-arm deploys. The violating vehicle’s license plate is captured, as is the driver’s face. These images are time-stamped and can be sent to proper authorities to issue a citation or warning letter to the vehicle’s owner with still photos showing the violation


The GPS system accesses the vehicle’s location and speed to monitor your fleet’s safety and efficiency. Using Geofencing, monitor, and store when a driver arrives and departs from stops. Additionally, the camera system records GPS coordinates, providing the synchronized vehicle location, speed, and direction of travel, both of which are displayed digitally under the map in the playback.

GPS Mobile

Integrates With Your Fleet

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Fortress HD Analog cameras are used for surveillance and video inside the cabin of the vehicle. This setup for Wa-Nee also includes Fortress SureBUS™ software capabilities and includes an event marker installed in the driver area, allowing the vehicle operator to mark a file, allowing the expedited retrieval and review process.
SureBUS Fleet Management

Featured Case Studies

Mecklenburg Public Transit


MTS is a service that provides approved non-emergency subscription route & demand response transportation to eligible consumers within Mecklenburg county. The county estimates that there are over 200,000 residents that are eligible to use their services.


One of the largest airport shuttle services in the U.S., Park ‘N Fly has over 200+ shuttle buses that provide transportation service to airports from its parking lot locations.

Craven County Schools


Craven County School District (CCSD) provides transportation for students in Craven County Public Schools. The CCSD consists of 8,500 students at 25 schools with a fleet of 155 buses and 205 drivers, traveling more than a million miles annually.

School Bus


Southern Regional School District is a New Jersey public school system located in Manahawkin. The school district serves 200+ teachers and 3,000+ students from seventh through twelfth grade.

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