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State Public Transit Authority


Fortress was the awarded vendor for the installation on 223 fixed route vehicles and 130 paratransit vehicles by the Public Transit Authority of the state.




2012 – Present

Fleet size

353 (223 fixed route, 130 paratransit vehicles)


30 FPS Full Motion Video Recording • Simultaneous Playback Viewing from 5 or 8 installed cameras depending on vehicle type • Route Tracking, Location Recording, and Synchronizing of events • Vehicle ID, Date & Time stamped recording establishing chain of custody • Assigned user access levels • Automatic download of marked event files in Wi-Fi Area • Real-Time Health Monitoring of DVR Equipment in Wi-Fi Area • Real-Time Viewing of Vehicles in Wi-Fi Area (Bus Lot)


The State's Public Transit Authority provides most of the public transportation within the state. The Transit Authority serves 45,800 people a day in 38 out of 39 communities.


In 2012, the state needed to install live surveillance cameras and GPS onto 223 fixed-route vehicles and 130 paratransit vehicles. The Transit Authority required increased safety, accountability, and dependability onto their transit system that fit their budgetary measures. At the time did not have any of these solutions installed, so they put out an official request to have this fleet management system installed.


  • 8 Channel DVRs
  • Analog & IP Cameras
  • Video & GPS

The Transit Authority equipped 353 vehicles with Fortress Mobile 8-Channel DVRs. These are compatible with both the Analog and IP cameras used within vehicles. This setup also includes Fortress Mobile's SureBus™ software capabilities and consists of an event marker installed in the driver area, allowing the vehicle operator to mark a file, allowing the expedited retrieval and review process. Additionally, with the Wi-Fi Auto-Download feature, instantly retrieve and download any video needed over Wi-Fi. Further, the public transit cameras system also records the GPS coordinates providing the synchronized vehicle location, speed, and direction of travel, both digitally displayed under the map in the playback.

Public Transit

“It has proven to be a very useful system for us. Not only the live version, but with the ability in tracking the playback to show where we have been. It’s a great system!”

Director of Transportation, State Transit Authority


As a result of this all-in-one solution, managers are able to detect and resolve any reported item or component failures.

The health status will also allow users to view the vehicle’s last reported use time. Users of this system can also be assigned privilege settings. This feature is used to establish restrictions allowing or preventing access to sub fleets in or out of a user’s jurisdiction.

Fleet management is more than owning and operating vehicles.

SureBus™ – safety, security, scalability.


Public Transit has unique needs. Join us on our upcoming webinar and learn how to quickly improve your fleet management.

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