Stop Arm Cameras

Increase student safety with our high quality stop arm camera systems

Extremely high quality HD video is needed for a perfect School Bus Stop Arm Solution, Fortress chose this camera design which delivers that high quality HD video that will assist with enforcing Stop Arm violations.


Protect your students and buses with the only Stop Arm cameras with 1080p HD quality imaging.


  • Up to 6 Megapixel (2048*1536) resolution
  • Full HD 1080P video
  • Identifiable image of the driver
  • Distinguish make, model & color of vehicle
  • Weather-proof & Vandal-proof design
  • Low light/Night capable
  • Available in 2.8mm, 6mm, 8mm & 12mm
Stop Arm License Plate

What makes our cameras better?

To reduce low-light and grainy or fuzzy footage our large aperture camera heads allow more light in than most other cameras on the market. And their high recording bit-rates mean increased detail of fast moving objects, even in the distance and in low light.

This video was taken with the School Bus traveling between 45-50 mph, and oncoming traffic traveling between 45-60mph, giving a combined average speed of around 100mph for these passes.

“The stop arm cameras have helped us lower the amount of violators so that we now have very few people illegally passing our buses!”

Amy Rosa, Director of Transportation, Wa-Nee Community Schools

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