Real-Time GPS Tracking

Industry leading asset tracking for your vehicles and equipment

GPS is the heartbeat of fleet management. It's vital. Installed in minutes, it provides so much more than turn-by-turn navigation.

So you know where your vehicles and equipment are with precision, our Plug and Play real-time GPS refreshes over 200% faster than our competitors' devices. And can be used standalone, or with SureBus™ fleet management software.


Get notified by Geofence Alerts when vehicles arrive and leave a specific location, unsafe driving or when abnormal activity occurs.

Create reports on time spent at each location and time to reach destinations for better-optimized routes.



Get insights into where expenses can be minimized with smart reporting on fuel management and idle time across your fleet.


Fortress Mobile's Driver App logs hours of service, complete DVIRs, captures documents, and more so your drivers optimize their productivity.

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If your insurance company accepts GPS audits of fleet driving records they may offer more competitive coverage.

“It has proven to be a very useful system for us. Not only the live version but with the ability in tracking the playback to show where we have been. It’s a great system!”

Erik Dickson, Assistant Director, Missoula County Public Works




Plug and Play

Plug the FORBox into the vehicle’s on-board computer system through the on-board diagnostics port and you are ready to roll.

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Access Data Immediately

Once connected, administrators have immediate access to the vehicle’s location, speed, and diagnostic data.

Smart Reports


Added Functionality

If used with SureBus you can access the diagnostic information, use smart reports, and much more through our web portal or mobile app.

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking Solutions From Fortress


If you want to maximize vehicle and equipment utilization, increase productivity, and manage your fleet with flawless precision, you’ll need reliable, consistent access to real-time vehicle location data. Thankfully, Fortress Mobile’s real-time fleet monitoring technology gives you the insights you need to more effectively manage your vehicles, equipment, and other assets.


You can leverage our GPS-powered real-time vehicle tracking devices as a standalone solution or pair them with our SureBus fleet management software to further elevate your allocation and management capabilities. Our technology refreshes at a rate that is over 200% faster than our competitors’ devices, meaning you can access true, up-to-the-minute updates about the status of your assets.

Who Can Benefit from Our Real-Time Fleet Monitoring


Fortress Mobile’s real-time fleet monitoring technology can be a remarkably valuable asset for any fleet. Whether you are responsible for managing public transit vehicles, commercial trucks, or buses for a public school system, our tech can provide the insights you need to effectively distribute your assets.

When you deploy our real-time vehicle tracking devices in your fleet, you can accomplish the following:

Improve Asset Visibility

Whether your assets are across town or across the country, you can use our tools to monitor driver behavior, detect abnormal activities, and protect your organization’s reputation.

Fortress Mobile’s real-time fleet tracking platform keeps you in the loop by providing you with automated Geofence Alerts. You can customize these notifications to find out when vehicles leave or arrive at designated locations, exceed speed limits, or engage in other potentially dangerous behaviors.

You can also use our platform to create detailed reports and identify ways to optimize routes, a feature that is just one of the many through which Fortress Mobile delivers value for clients like you.

Reduce Costs

Our real-time vehicle tracking devices do much more than simply relay positional data to fleet managers. These devices collect a multitude of vehicle performance data, including fuel efficiency and idle times, among many other factors.

If a driver is spending too much time idling and causing you to incur unnecessary fuel costs, you can proactively address the issue to reduce your overhead, and you can unlock further cost savings benefits by letting your insurer know that you are now using real-time fleet tracking technology.

Optimize Productivity and Efficiency

Fortress Mobile’s Driver app automates traditionally manual processes so that your drivers can focus on making deliveries and safely operating your vehicles. Our platform logs hours of service, completes DVIRs, captures documents, and so much more.

Automating auxiliary functions with Fortress Mobile’s real-time fleet monitoring technology can be a huge morale booster for your staff as well. You can reduce their workload, decrease their stress levels, and enable them to be more productive.

Enhance Vehicle Service Life

Excessive idle times and poor overall driver behaviors place undue strain on your equipment and vehicles, which, over time, leads to mounting repair costs, increased vehicle downtime, and a host of other issues.

Fortress Mobile provides you with real-time vehicle performance and diagnostics data so that you can proactively address these asset concerns, decrease long-term maintenance costs, increase vehicle service life, and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Leverage Our Real-Time Vehicle Tracking Tech in 3 Easy Steps

Fortress Mobile designed our real-time vehicle tracking system to be user-friendly and easy to install. Once you receive your Fortress Mobile FORBox, you can put it to use in just three easy steps:

Plug and Play

Fortress Mobile’s GPS device offers true “plug-and-play” functionality. Simply unbox your device and plug it into the vehicle’s onboard computer system. The device will automatically begin gathering vehicle diagnostic data and tracking its position using GPS technology, and it will also relay the data to our intuitive fleet management software.

Access Data Immediately

After you install FORBox devices in your fleet, launch the Fortress Mobile administrator applications. For optimal convenience, we provide both a web application and a mobile app so that you can access your fleet data from the office or on the go. You can view information about each vehicle’s speed, performance, location, and direction of travel via a clean, crisp, easy-to-understand map.

Leverage SureBus to Maximize Functionality

Fortress Mobile’s real-time vehicle tracking solution will significantly enhance your fleet management capabilities on its own, but if you want to optimize your ROI and streamline your fleet’s operations, we recommend pairing FORBox with SureBus, a leading fleet management solution. With SureBus, you can generate smart reports, access more detailed diagnostic information, and achieve an unprecedented level of efficiency.

Learn More

Don’t continue relying on outdated methods. Fortress Mobile’s modern, real-time vehicle tracking technology can provide you with the visibility and actionable business data you need to maximize productivity and profitability. To learn more about our suite of fleet management and monitoring solutions, contact our team for a custom quote today.

Fleet management is more than owning and operating vehicles.

SureBus™ - safety, security, scalability.


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