Military Standard Mobile NVR/DVR Systems

Stay connected with our state-of-the-art mobile DVR camera system

Stay connected to the entire fleet in the office or on the go with Fortress Mobile DVRs, one of the industry’s most versatile and robust NVR/DVRs. Our military standard mobile DVRs are ideal for monitoring a broad range of vehicles and fleets including trucks / semi trucks, vans, buses, law enforcement and taxis.


  • Best NVR/DVR Hybrid on the market
  • Real-time live streaming video to assess situations
  • Mobile app live stream
  • Download any out-in-the-field camera video clips on demand
  • Crystal clear Full 1080P HD Interior and exterior video with 10x digital zoom
  • Mix and match analog/analog 960H/HD IP cameras
  • Night vision enabled with low-light recording
  • Supports up to 16 cameras all recording in FULL HD
  • Records up to 30 FPS per channel


  • Military standard
  • Up to 16 Cameras Recording at 720p/1080p
  • Enhanced H.264 Compression
  • Embedded GPS & 802.11 Wireless
  • Cellular/Wireless Ready Option
  • Dual HDD & SSD Support (4TB)
  • Event Marker w/Status Display
  • 8 Independent Sensors
  • Driver Behavior & Accelerometer


  • Rugged military standard HD or SS drive protection
  • Cooling features to prevent overheating and failure
  • Record and backup to SD card for an added layer of data loss protection

With vehicles and equipment out in the field, you need to be alerted as soon as there are issues. SureBus™ has multiple types of alerts, sent over cellular, so that if there's an issue - mechanical, driver, situational - you'll know about it.


  • Alerts via web portal, email or text message
  • Driver to management Panic Button with incident live streaming
  • Driver behavior issues
  • Active DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code)
  • Easy configuration
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Military Standard Mobile NVR/DVR Systems

Stay connected to your entire fleet in the office or on the go with Fortress Mobile DVRs, some of the industry’s most versatile and robust NVR/DVRs. Our military-standard mobile DVRs are ideal for monitoring a broad range of vehicles and fleets, including trucks, semi-trucks, vans, buses, law enforcement vehicles, and taxis.


Fortress Mobile’s mobile DVR system helps you adapt to the challenges associated with managing a growing fleet of vehicles. When our robust solution is paired with our leading-edge SureBus™software, you can gain unmatched insights into the state of your vehicles and driver behavior. By reimagining the way that fleets are managed, Fortress Mobile is facilitating better productivity, more efficient resource allocation, and enhanced safety.

Our Mobile DVR System

The Fortress Mobile DVR system was precision-engineered to the most rigorous standards, making it one of the most durable and sophisticated NVR/DVRs in production and enabling it to meet the needs of a wide range of industries.

Our truck and bus DVRs can withstand critical incidents such as crashes, as well as the rigors of daily use, as every one of our DVRs was built to stringent military standards for quality and durability.

Superior HD Live Streaming and Recording DVRs

Our mobile DVR system is the best NVR/DVR hybrid on the market, capable of recording and storing video locally on its built-in hard drive while simultaneously facilitating cloud connectivity.

The hybrid nature of Fortress Mobile’s bus and truck DVRs enables real-time video streaming so that you can assess rapidly evolving situations as they unfold. You can access these live streams via our desktop or mobile applications, which also give you the ability to download video clips from any camera that is out in the field, thereby expediting the video-retrieval process.

Our truck and bus DVRs accommodate 1080P HD interior and exterior video, and all of our cameras include 10x digital zoom, so you can gather every important detail, such as license plate numbers, or identify involved parties. Our truck, bus, and semi DVRs, in particular, are also night-vision-enabled, meaning you’ll have crystal-clear, low-light recordings, day or night.

A single Fortress Mobile DVR system can support up to 16 cameras, all of which will record in full HD quality, and each channel can record at up to 30 FPS, ensuring that every second of critical incidents is clearly captured.

Key Features

Fortress Mobile’s bus and semi DVRs have a variety of features that set them apart from other options on the market. Some of the core offerings of our mobile DVR systems include:

● Embedded GPS technology

● Support for up to 16 cameras

● Military-standard designs

● Cellular capabilities

● Dual HDD and SSD support with 4TB of data storage

● Vehicle status sensors

● Driver behavior-monitoring tools and on-board accelerometers

● Event marker tools

The features of our DVRs are all chosen to address specific fleet management challenges, and they provide real-time visibility into the status of fleet vehicles, including their speed, location, and direction of travel.

Use Cases for the Fortress Mobile DVR System

Fortress Mobile DVR systems can be installed in a wide array of vehicles, including:

Standard Fleet Vehicles

Due to the space-conscious design of our car and truck DVRs, they can easily be installed in standard-sized vehicles. Once installed, our DVRs will capture video via their network of internal and external cameras. The cameras can be used to monitor driver behavior and roadway conditions, as well as document incidents such as vehicle crashes.

Our truck DVRs are frequently used in standard vehicles such as sedans, SUVs, and pickups, and they are also implemented in taxis, law enforcement vehicles, and commercial fleet cars and trucks.

Installing Fortress Mobile car and truck DVRs enables fleet managers to track, monitor, and manage the actions of their drivers more effectively, in turn allowing them to protect their organization from any liabilities, proactively address safety concerns, and promote business continuity.

School and Transit Buses

Operating a school bus is a high-liability endeavor in its own right. In the event of an accident, the driver, as well as the school district that provided the transportation, could each face serious civil liabilities. Therefore, it is vital that school bus fleet managers have a means of assessing and monitoring driver behavior.

The video-capturing capabilities of our bus DVRs not only facilitate this but also provide school districts with video evidence of any chain of events, information that can be used to exonerate the driver and school district during civil proceedings.

Our bus DVRs can also be installed in publicly or privately managed transit buses. The DVRs and their camera systems are capable of documenting passenger behavior, keeping drivers safe, discouraging criminal activity, and documenting accidents or other roadway incidents.

Since our mobile DVR systems can support up to 16 cameras, they can provide views from virtually every angle. Fleet managers can install multiple interior and exterior cameras to ensure that they have a clear view of the front, rear, sides, and passenger compartments of their buses.


Semi-trucks are more tightly regulated than ever, with one of the most notable regulatory changes being the relatively-recent electronic logging device (ELD) mandate. Under the mandate, commercial drivers are required to use ELDs to prepare records of duty status (RODS) and hours-of-service (HOS) documents.

While ELDs record a wealth of important information, such as engine hours, miles driven, and location data, they do not provide enough insight to effectively manage driver behavior. Fortunately, Fortress Mobile’s semi DVRs can help alleviate these struggles.

Our DVRs are equipped with accelerometers and embedded GPS technologies, which means that fleet managers can access detailed real-time driver and vehicle data as needed. Our solutions also allow for live streaming and HD recording, so fleet managers can conduct randomized assessments of driver behavior to optimize operational safety.

Keep Your Data Secure with Our Mobile DVR System

Fortress Mobile’s DVR system was specifically designed to keep your data secure. It is manufactured in accordance with rigorous military standards, which is why it provides superior SSD or HDD protection.

Our mobile DVR system also has a built-in cooling system to prevent overheating and heat-related failures, and as yet another added layer of protection, it even enables you to record or backup files directly to an external SD card.

Access Real-Time Alerts Via SureBus™

With vehicles and equipment out in the field, you need to be alerted as soon as there are issues. SureBus™ sends multiple types of alerts sent over cellular networks, so if there’s an issue – be it mechanical, driver, or situational – you’ll know about it.

SureBus™ is our all-in-one cloud-based fleet management platform. Powered by Microsoft Azure, it is a revolutionary system that truly differentiates our mobile DVR system from every other option out there.

The core features of SureBus™ include real-time incident monitoring and detection capabilities. The SureBus™ platform interacts with our mobile DVR system and cameras to capture vehicle data, HD video footage, and other relevant information that can enhance your fleet management capabilities.

The SureBus™ platform also streamlines communication between you and your drivers by enabling live audio communication with your drivers without the need for a two-way radio. It also allows you to send custom in-cab alerts via our mobile app or text messages.

Benefits of Our Mobile DVR System

Our mobile DVR system provides countless benefits that our customers rave about, some of which include the following:

Exceptional Durability

The rugged design of our mobile DVR system ensures that it can hold up day in and day out. It provides protection from the elements, shocks, and other impacts.

The durability of Fortress Mobile’s solution makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, including installations in public transit vehicles, school buses, standard fleet vehicles, or semi-trucks. In other words, it can meet the needs of any type of fleet, from law enforcement vehicles to taxis or semis.

Embedded GPS and Wireless Capabilities

If you want to optimize your fleet management processes, you must have a means of tracking all of your assets. Fortress Mobile’s DVR system can help you do exactly that, thanks to its embedded GPS technology. You can precisely track and monitor the status of every vehicle by leveraging our DVR GPS technology and the user-friendly SureBus™ app.

Additionally, our mobile DVR system is cellular/wireless ready, which provides you with even greater connectivity. Using cellular data, our system can ensure that you never lose sight of your fleet assets.

Real-Time Streaming Functionality

One of the biggest shortfalls associated with traditional DVR systems is that they do not facilitate real-time streaming. Instead, fleet managers must bring the vehicles back to the facility and manually upload any video content, meaning any time-sensitive decisions must be made using information relayed from drivers or other personnel.

Fortress Mobile’s DVR system, on the other hand, allows you to stream video in real-time, thereby expediting the decision-making process. It also allows you to access recently recorded videos via the cloud, so you can gain timely updates about critical incidents, like vehicle crashes.

HD Video Quality

Our mobile DVR system captures video in flawless 1080p HD quality. Both our interior and exterior video cameras generate the same HD video output, ensuring that you can get a clear picture of what goes on around and inside your fleet vehicles.

Fortress Mobile’s solution can support up to 16 cameras simultaneously, all of which record in full HD with night vision and low-light recording capabilities, thereby allowing you to monitor your vehicles around the clock.

Our HD video can be used to discern key details of critical incidents, identify drivers or vehicles, obtain license plate numbers, document distracted driving, and much more.

Attend Our On-Demand Webinar to Learn More

Fortress Mobile understands that the needs of your company and its fleet are truly unique, so if you want a solution that meets those needs, you need a versatile, robust system like that of our mobile DVRs. By pairing our mobile DVR system with AI-powered cameras and our revolutionary SureBus™ platform, you can transform fleet management into one of your organization’s greatest strengths.

If you are ready to learn more about the capabilities of our mobile DVR system, SureBus™ software, and the full line of fleet management products, we invite you to join us at our upcoming webinar.


Your company and fleet has unique needs. Join us on our upcoming webinar.




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