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After looking at roughly half a dozen providers, Fortress was the one to administer an inclusive system with live video streaming, live GPS tracking and all tiers of access, including corporate.




2018 – Present

Fleet size

225 vehicles


30 FPS Full Motion Video Recording • Simultaneous Playback Viewing from 5 or 8 installed cameras depending on vehicle type • Route Tracking, Location Recording, and Synchronizing of events • Vehicle ID, Date & Time stamped recording establishing chain of custody • Assigned user access levels • Automatic download of marked event files • Real-Time Health Monitoring of DVR Equipment • Real-Time Viewing of Vehicles


One of the largest airport shuttle services in the U.S., Park ‘N Fly has over 200+ shuttle buses that provide transportation service to airports from it’s parking lot locations.


Park ‘N Fly has a total of 225 shuttle buses at 17 different locations around the nation with Fortress equipment. With a fleet this large in size and multiple locations, Park ‘N Fly expressed a need for a cost-effective solution to manage each individual fleet and allow multiple tiers of access.


  • Dual Head Camera
  • HD Analog Camera
  • A4D DVR (3 channels)
  • SureBus™ Cloud Software
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Live GPS Tracking

Park ‘N Fly has 225 vehicles, many that are equipped with Fortress Mobile 8 Channel DVRs. These are compatible with both Analog and IP cameras used in the vehicles. Fortress HD Analog cameras are used for surveillance and video inside the cabin of the vehicle. This setup for Park ‘N Fly also includes Fortress SureBus™ software capabilities and includes an event marker installed in the driver area, allowing the vehicle operator to mark a file, allowing the expedited retrieval and review process.. Additionally, with the cellular Auto Download feature, instantly retrieve and download any video needed. Additionally, the commercial transit cameras system also records the GPS coordinates providing the synchronized vehicle location, speed and direction of travel, both of which that are digitally displayed under the map in the playback.


“Fortress offered a cost-effective option and they were willing to develop systems and reports based on our needs.”

Anthony Dupree, Design & Deployment Engineer, Park ‘N Fly

“The ability to remotely access video and audit for safety compliance and insurance standards has been a great benefit!”

Anthony Dupree, Design & Deployment Engineer, Park ‘N Fly


As a result of this Fortress Mobile solution, Park ‘N Fly now has the ability to not only track vehicles and drivers, but easily share video as needed without awkward handling of an SD card or taking the vehicle offline.

Fleet management is more than owning and operating vehicles.

SureBus™ – safety, security, scalability.


Your Shuttles have unique needs. Join us on our upcoming webinar and learn how to quickly improve your fleet management.

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