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Most states require video surveillance on transport vehicles coupled with accurate GPS and large data storage capacity. Fortress Mobile's Medical Transport solution is compliant with individual states’ medical transport guidelines.

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Protect your medical equipment and medications from theft or damage. With up to 16 channel cameras plus Wi-Fi + GPS + Cellular enabled Fortress Mobile DVRs you can remotely view and download real-time video from vehicles, wherever they are.

“The ability to remotely access video and audit for safety compliance and insurance standards has been a great benefit.”

Anthony Dupree, Design & Deployment Engineer, Park ‘N Fly


Instantly find vehicle locations and retrieve information about driving behavior including vehicle speed, engine start-up, shutdown and idling time. Our GPS tracking device is an industry leader that locates in seconds, instead of up to one minute.



Easily see what is happening on the road and in your vehicles. With real-time Full HD video streaming, in-cab communication and recordings securely stored in the cloud, it's easy to monitor and track driver behavior.

If an accident happens, quickly access data and recordings for law enforcement and insurance companies to ascertain fault. Fast action can result in decreased litigation costs, litigation exposure, and save time and money in accident reconstruction.


If your insurance company accepts GPS audits of fleet driving records they may offer more competitive coverage.

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SureBus™ Fleet Management - 24/7 remote access with any computer or Android/iOS Fortress Mobile app.

Customize your solution.

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Driver App

Track locations without contacting drivers. Get notified by Geofence Alerts when vehicles arrive and leave a specific location, of unsafe driving or when abnormal activity occurs. Dramatically reduce driver/dispatcher phone calls by having accurate information on where vehicles are at all times.


Wi-Fi + GPS + Cellular built directly into Fortress DVRs, allows managers to view and download real-time video from vehicles - any time, anywhere. Know what’s happening in and around the vehicle to help protect assets. Know what’s happening on the road to take prompt action in an emergency.


Full HD 1080p imaging with enhanced audio quality give users the ability to create video clips and images to share with other authorized users.



No more pulling hard drives out vehicles. Automatic file retrieval systems enable managers to instantly log on and view incidents in real-time, or any time.


Have hands-free conversation with any drivers in full-duplex audio via smartphone or computer.

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Medical Transport Case Study

Learn about MCR's fleet management challenges and the system solution they implemented to overcome them.


Your company and fleet has unique needs. Join us on our upcoming webinar and learn how to quickly improve your fleet management.


Fortress Mobile: Revolutionizing First Responder Fleet Management

Since our establishment in 1991, Fortress Mobile has stood as a beacon of innovation in the realm of surveillance and fleet management solutions. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, our licensed corporation has consistently pushed the boundaries of technological advancement to offer cutting-edge services tailored to the evolving needs of our clients. One of our flagship offerings is our First Responder Fleet Management System, a comprehensive solution designed to address the unique challenges faced by emergency service providers.


Fortress Mobile recognizes the critical role that first responders play in ensuring public safety. The demands placed on emergency service fleets require a level of sophistication and reliability that goes beyond conventional fleet management solutions. In response to these challenges, our First Responder Fleet Management system is engineered to offer unparalleled efficiency, compliance, and real-time monitoring capabilities.

A standout feature of our offering is our commitment to medical transport compliance. Recognizing the stringent regulations governing medical transport services, we have integrated compliance management tools into our fleet management system. This ensures that all medical transport operations are in strict adherence to industry standards and regulatory requirements. By providing a seamless and transparent solution, Fortress Mobile empowers first responder fleets to operate confidently within the regulatory framework, focusing on the core mission of saving lives.

Asset protection is another cornerstone of our First Responder Fleet Management system. Emergency service vehicles are valuable assets that require careful monitoring and protection. Our system incorporates state-of-the-art security features, such as geofencing and live two-way communication, to safeguard vehicles and their equipment. This proactive approach not only prevents unauthorized access but also helps in audits for insurance standards, minimizing downtime and ensuring that first responders are always ready to mobilize.

The integration of GPS tracking on all vehicles is fundamental to Fortress Mobile's commitment to providing real-time visibility into fleet operations. The GPS tracking feature enables precise location monitoring, allowing dispatchers to optimize routes and respond rapidly to emergencies. This real-time tracking capability enhances overall fleet efficiency, contributing to faster response times and improved dispatcher/driver communications. Whether in urban environments or remote areas, you can be alerted when vehicles arrive or leave designated destinations.

One of the most groundbreaking aspects of Fortress Mobile's First Responder Fleet Management system is our provision of real-time full HD video streaming in the cab. This innovative feature enables comprehensive monitoring and tracking of driver behavior, promoting safety and accountability. The in-cab video streaming allows supervisors and fleet managers to observe live footage of the vehicle's interior, ensuring that drivers adhere to safety protocols and maintain professionalism. This not only enhances the safety of both drivers and passengers but also serves as a valuable tool for training and performance improvement.

Fortress Mobile recognizes the financial implications for first responder fleets and has designed its system to provide cost-saving opportunities. Clients can take advantage of the GPS tracking capabilities for insurance purposes, particularly if their insurance company accepts GPS audits. The accurate data provided by the system can be instrumental in demonstrating responsible and safe driving practices, potentially leading to reduced insurance premiums. This financial benefit is an added incentive for first responder organizations to invest in our comprehensive fleet management solution.

Our First Responder Fleet Management system stands as a testament to our company's unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. By addressing the specific needs of emergency service providers, Fortress Mobile has crafted a solution that not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes to the safety and well-being of both first responders and the communities they serve. As technology continues to evolve, Fortress Mobile remains at the forefront, continuously refining and expanding our offerings to meet the ever-changing demands of the modern emergency services landscape.

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