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Most states require video surveillance on transport vehicles coupled with accurate GPS and large data storage capacity. Fortress Mobile's Pharmaceutical & Cannabis Transport solution is compliant with individual states’ cannabis transport guidelines.

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Protect your assets from theft or damage. With up to 16 channel cameras plus Wi-Fi + GPS + Cellular enabled Fortress Mobile DVRs you can remotely view and download real-time video from vehicles, wherever they are.

“The system looks great. We love it!”

Dan Tursky, Transport Lead, MCR Labs


Instantly find vehicle locations and retrieve information about driving behavior including vehicle speed, engine start-up, shutdown and idling time. Our GPS tracking device is an industry leader that locates in seconds, instead of up to one minute.



Easily see what is happening on the road and in your vehicles. With real-time Full HD video streaming, in-cab communication and recordings securely stored in the cloud, it's easy to monitor and track driver behavior.

If an accident happens, quickly access data and recordings for law enforcement and insurance companies to ascertain fault. Fast action can result in decreased litigation costs, litigation exposure, and save time and money in accident reconstruction.


If your insurance company accepts GPS audits of fleet driving records they may offer more competitive coverage.

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SureBus™ Fleet Management - 24/7 remote access with any computer or Android/iOS Fortress Mobile app.

Customize your solution.

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Driver App

Track locations without contacting drivers. Get notified by Geofence Alerts when vehicles arrive and leave a specific location, of unsafe driving or when abnormal activity occurs. Dramatically reduce driver/dispatcher phone calls by having accurate information on where vehicles are at all times.


Wi-Fi + GPS + Cellular built directly into Fortress DVRs,(link to PRODUCTS/DVRs) allows managers to view and download real-time video from vehicles - any time, anywhere. Know what’s happening in and around the vehicle to help protect assets. Know what’s happening on the road to take prompt action in an emergency.


Full HD 1080p imaging with enhanced audio quality (link to PRODUCTS/CAMERAS [SECTION]

What makes our cameras better?) give users the ability to create video clips and images to share with other authorized users.



No more pulling hard drives out vehicles. Automatic file retrieval systems enable managers to instantly log on and view incidents in real-time, or any time.


Have hands-free conversation with any drivers in full-duplex audio via smartphone or computer.

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Cannabis Transport Case Study

Learn about MCR's fleet management challenges and the system solution they implemented to overcome them.

Protect Your Assets with Cannabis Fleet Tracking Software

In the tightly-regulated and competitive cannabis industry, it is critical that you have a robust fleet management strategy in place. As a full-service cannabis fleet-tracking software provider, Fortress Mobile offers a comprehensive array of hardware and software solutions, including cameras, user-friendly applications, GPS trackers, and more.


Our suite of cannabis fleet management solutions provides the visibility and insight you need to protect your assets, ensure compliance, promote driver safety, and help your business thrive. Regardless of what state you operate within or what vehicle monitoring regulations you are facing, Fortress Mobile can help you maximize your safety, security, and compliance.

Why Choose Our Cannabis Fleet Management Technologies?

With Fortress Mobile’s cannabis fleet management technologies, you can accomplish the following:

Maximize Fleet Visibility

Fortress Mobile’s cannabis fleet tracking technologies include state-of-the-art GPS solutions. These devices refresh every three-to-eight seconds, providing real-time visibility into your entire fleet. Using Fortress Mobile’s SureBus software alongside these instruments, you can monitor the location of every vehicle and gather important data, such as their current speed and direction of travel.

Increasing fleet visibility with Fortress Mobile can facilitate route optimization, and you can use these insights to increase driver safety, proactively address any concerning driver behavior, and protect your assets.

Ensure Compliance

Most states require cannabis transport vehicles to be equipped with GPS and video surveillance technologies.

To that end, Fortress Mobile’s cannabis fleet management solutions help you comply with these regulations by providing you with Wi-Fi, GPS, and cellular-enabled DVRs, which support up to 16 channel cameras, including interior and exterior devices. You can also equip your transport vehicles with cargo bay cameras, front-facing dash cams, and rear or side-facing exterior cameras.

Protect Your Assets

Fortress Mobile’s comprehensive cannabis fleet management solutions are designed to help you protect your assets from both internal and external threats. Some of the risks that you can mitigate with our technologies include the following:

  • At-fault accidents
  • Vehicle theft
  • Robbery/burglary
  • Cargo theft
  • Speeding violations

Our camera systems capture everything in crystal-clear HD video, which you can use to identify other vehicles and settle disputes in the event of an accident or support the authorities as they investigate incidents of theft or burglary.

Monitor Driver Behavior

In addition to providing cargo and dash cameras, Fortress Mobile also offers driver-facing cabin cameras. Equipped with state-of-the-art facial recognition technologies, our cameras can detect signs of fatigue or distraction, notify your fleet management personnel, and help you proactively address concerning driver behaviors.

Furthermore, with Fortress Mobile’s cannabis fleet management technology, you can communicate with drivers in real-time, access a live stream from any camera, and quickly access recorded data for insurance or law enforcement purposes. The driver-monitoring capabilities of our solutions can help you decrease litigation costs, reduce the likelihood of a suit, save time, and expedite the resolution of accident claims.


Many insurers accept GPS audits of fleet driving records when evaluating their rates. If your insurer accepts GPS data, you can submit Fortress Mobile reports alongside it to showcase your risk-conscious fleet management practices. In exchange, you can unlock more affordable rates or access better coverage.

To find out whether Fortress Mobile’s cannabis fleet management technology can help you lower your rates, speak with your insurance provider.

Core Features of Our Cannabis Fleet Tracking Software

Fortress Mobile’s cannabis fleet tracking solution includes the following features:

Live Streaming

In the event of an accident, you can connect to any vehicle camera and start a live stream, then use the recorded data to gain up-to-the-minute insights about the incident and start taking action to mitigate the risks to your business.

Full HD Imaging

As mentioned above, all of our cameras capture HD-quality video, which means they can be used to identify drivers or vehicle makes, models, and colors. Our videos are also of high enough quality to capture discernible images of vehicle license plates.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Fortress Mobile’s cannabis fleet management technology includes real-time GPS tracking capabilities, which you can use to track the location of your fleet and improve visibility. The data you collect can assist with route planning, monitoring, and deployment optimization.

Live Two-Way Communication

Fortress Mobile’s driver application also serves as a hands-free, two-way communication tool. You and your drivers can quickly connect with one another at the press of a button, thereby streamlining communication and promoting better collaboration.

Auto Downloads

With Fortress Mobile, you won’t have to manually pull hard drives out of your vehicles, as our SureBus software automatically retrieves files via Wi-Fi or cellular service downloads.

Modernize your Cannabis Fleet Management Strategy with Fortress Mobile

Partner with a fleet management solutions provider that understands the unique needs of the cannabis industry by connecting with Fortress Mobile. Explore our suite of cannabis fleet tracking technologies, join us on our upcoming webinar, schedule a demo, or contact our team for a custom quote today.


Your company and fleet have unique needs. Join us on our upcoming webinar and learn how to quickly improve your fleet management.

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