Groesbeck Public Schools


Groesbeck needed to upgrade its antiquated mobile surveillance equipment due to its lack of reliability. Many incidents were not captured due to cameras being down or DVR not functioning. They approached various vendors, before choosing Fortress Mobile due to customer references and their system health check that would alert them to any issues with their system. Fortress also supplied them with viewing monitors to see and approve camera angles at the time of installation so that they had the angles they wanted.


Groesbeck, TX


2019 - Present

Fleet size

30 buses


30 FPS Full Motion Video Recording • Simultaneous Playback Viewing from 3 or 5 installed cameras depending on vehicle type • Route Tracking, Location Recording, and Synchronizing of events • Vehicle ID, Date & Time stamped recording establishing chain of custody • Assigned user access levels • Automatic download of marked event files • Real-Time Health Monitoring of DVR Equipment • Real-Time Viewing of Vehicles over Wi-Fi


Groesbeck ISD was established in 1871 and Incorporated in 1890. The district encompasses the cities of Groesbeck, Thornton, and Kosse and many surrounding communities. The district covers portions of Limestone, Falls, and Robertson Counties. District Size: 528 Square Miles


Groesbeck Public Schools needed to upgrade their AngelTrax surveillance system with one that was more reliable. There were times that they would not have video recordings from one or all of their cameras. They also wanted a more robust system that was consistent with the technology at the time. The Transportation Director contacted vendors and spoke with their references to determine which were the most reliable, easy to use, and extra features. Then, they put out a general bid to various vendors to evaluate which had the best value.


  • NovaX DVRs
  • Analog & IP Cameras
  • SureBus™ (Live Video)
  • Auto Download

Groesbeck Public Schools have over 30 buses equipped with NovaX DVRs (27 standard size, 3 micro). Fortress HD Analog cameras are used for surveillance and live video inside the cabin of the school buses. They employ either 3 (Micro buses) or 5 cameras (blind spots, obstructed views, etc.) based on bus type. This setup for Groesbeck also includes Fortress SureBus™ software capabilities. Fortress also supplied a few viewing monitors so they could see the camera angles. Managers can view live streaming videos and mark videos right from any smartphone or computer. Additionally, with the Auto-Download feature, instantly retrieve and download any video needed.

Groesbeck Fleet Management

“Extremely reliable product! Love all the features (that are) available!”

Transportation Manager, Groesbeck Public Schools


As a result of this all-in-one solution, the school district has not had any days of lost videos, can get HD quality video clips within minutes of an incident, and have real-time access to the buses' interiors. Managers can handle onboard incidents in real-time.

Fewer student behavior occurrences have been reported, and when there is, they can be corrected and addressed immediately due to live-video streaming.

Fleet management is more than owning and operating vehicles.

SureBus™ - safety, security, scalability.


School buses and Pupil Transport have unique needs. Join us on our upcoming webinar and learn how to quickly improve your fleet management.

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