SureBUS™ Fleet Management Platform


SureBUS™ is a game changing Cloud-based fleet management platform that allows fleet managers to monitor drivers, GPS track all vehicles, real-time remote video streaming, wireless auto downloading, stop-arm violation detection, vehicle auto-maintenance & diagnostics, remote configuration, and much more!


Live GPS

SureBUS™ provides a live GPS tracking platform with real-time health monitoring.

Real-Time Video

SureBUS™ provides real-time video streaming at the lowest cost of data usage.


SureBUS™ provides auto video downloading & a cloud platform

Smart Reports

SureBUS™ provides reports on idle time, health alarm, driver attendance, etc.


SureBUS™ provides the most efficient route schedule design and real-time tracking.

All in one


DVR cameras + SureBUS™ Fleet Management platform.


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Need a quick clip while the vehicle is still out in the field? With SureBUS™, you can pull short clips on-demand for any camera channel when you use a cellular service.

With Wi-Fi or Cellular, you can manually schedule or automatically trigger an event. For Wi-Fi, when the vehicle enters a designated Wi-Fi area, video is pulled into the server, and a notification is sent when the download completes. With Cellular, video is downloaded to the server at the trigger or scheduled times.

On average, a 60-second clip downloads and is ready for viewing within 30-60 seconds after the initial request.


Secure Cloud

Traditionally, video and fleet data downloaded over Wi-Fi

can only be accessed when administrators are working within the local network.

Access your data anywhere and anytime, inside or outside

your network, with the SureBUS™ Cloud.

Video and fleet data can be stored within the Fortress

Mobile Secure Cloud or your on-site server.

Cloud Video Share

In most cases, video downloaded over Wi-Fi can only be shared within the local network. Without Wi-Fi auto-downloads, videos must be stored on an external device and then delivered.

Both ways usually require the recipient to install viewing software.

With SureBUS™, you can create a unique password-protected link that can be emailed to anyone, allowing you to share a video in seconds. No special software or login credentials are needed.

Mobile DVR

Nova Hybrid DVR Features & Capabilities

Full 1080P HD Interior Video with 10X digital zoom

With support for up to 8 Analog HD cameras plus 8 HD IP

cameras or 16 HD IP cameras, we can provide superior HD inside and outside of your vehicle, if needed. We’ve also included a Digital Zoom feature in NOVA Playback so that details can be seen clearly at a distance.

Real-Time GPS

Unlike other GPS solutions that update vehicle location every 30-60 seconds, SureBUS™ updates every 5 seconds. This way you can accurately identify the vehicle’s location any time you look at the screen. SureBUS™ also saves a historical report of the daily route taken with location and speed data.

GPS Mobile
Dual Hard Drive

Nova Storage Options

Our storage drive dampening system is built into the enclosure itself, offering better storage drive protection.

Our NOVA Enclosure supports dual drives and up to 4TB of storage using either HD or SS Drives. Our large enclosure and internal fan help to keep the drivescool and reduces the chance of premature failure due to overheating.

An SD card can be added to the NOVA DVR to add another layer of protection from data loss. If the main storage driver fails or is temporarily removed, the DVR will record data to the SD card.

Engine Data & Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)

FORBox integrates with the vehicle’s on-board computers and monitors essential engine data.

When an issue is identified, FORBox sends an alert to Fleet Managers so that the vehicle can be scheduled for service.

If video is not needed, FORBox can be used without a DVR to provide Live GPS along with other SureBUS™ Fleet Management features. This option is excellent for supervisor vehicles and other vehicles where GPS is needed without video.

Smart Reports
two way communication

Live Digital Audio

Expand communication beyond the 2-way radio with SureBUS™. In most cases, only a few administrators in the transportation office have direct access to speak with drivers.

Our live audio feature gives anyone with SureBUS™ access on their smartphone or computer the ability to have a hands-free conversation with the driver.

Get a message to your driver even when you’re away from a

2-way radio with this powerful feature.

Live Video Streaming

Check on your drivers, passengers, and assess situations in real-time with SureBUS™ Live Streaming Video.

Pair this feature with text alerts and our mobile app to receive a text notifying you that an issue just occurred. With the app and

mobile alerts set up, supervisors can view the location and live stream each camera on the go if there’s an issue.

Supervisor App

Supervisor App

SureBUS™ can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any computer running Google Chrome.

You can also access SureBUS™ with our mobile application,

which is compatible with most IOS and Android devices.

Additionally, you can set up SureBUS™ to send text notifications for various alarms like Geo-Fence alerts, speed thresholds, and much more.

Driver Pro App

Driver timecard reporting – Log driver/vehicle operation times

with a unique ID or NFC card.

Pre/Post-Trip Inspection (DVIR) – Digitize your inspection

reports and access historical reports from the last seven days.

Map, Route, & Nearby vehicle views – View current location,

route, nearby vehicles, and turn-by-turn navigation.

Driver App

Technical Features



Wide angle lens with full HD 1080p video with HDR and Infrared LED for low-light recording and night vision.


Built-in audio speaker for customizable in-cab alerts.


Advanced computing for live scene analysis and object detection.


Auto-uploads event footage to cloud. On-demand video available for up to 100 hours of drive time.

Installs Quickly

  • Fleet Management Software
  • 8 Channel DVRs
  • 8 Channel DVRs
  • Analog & IP Cameras
  • Video & GPS
SureBUS Fleet Management

Featured Case Studies

Mecklenburg Public Transit


MTS is a service that provides approved non-emergency subscription route & demand response transportation to eligible consumers within Mecklenburg county. The county estimates that there are over 200,000 residents that are eligible to use their services.


One of the largest airport shuttle services in the U.S., Park ‘N Fly has over 200+ shuttle buses that provide transportation service to airports from its parking lot locations.

Craven County Schools


Craven County School District (CCSD) provides transportation for students in Craven County Public Schools. The CCSD consists of 8,500 students at 25 schools with a fleet of 155 buses and 205 drivers, traveling more than a million miles annually.

School Bus


Southern Regional School District is a New Jersey public school system located in Manahawkin. The school district serves 200+ teachers and 3,000+ students from seventh through twelfth grade.

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