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Stay connected to the entire fleet in the office or on the go with NOVA X, one of the industry’s most versatile and robust DVR


The NOVA X supports up to 16 cameras in various configurations and records up to 30 FPS per channel.

Stay Connected

Fleet management can view the location of all vehicles, stream live video, download video on demand.

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Live-Stream video whenever an incident occurs in or around the vehicle.


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DVR Capabilities


Versatile & Robust

The NOVA X supports up to 16 cameras in various configurations and records up to 30 FPS per channel. Mix and match up to 8 analog cameras recording at 720p or 1080p HD along with 8 analog 960H or HD cameras. Additionally, 8 HD IP cameras can be added for superior HD support also recording at 720p or 1080p HD. The NOVA X can be configured for 16 HD IP cameras all recording in FULL HD.

Mobile DVR
Cloud Computing

Stay Connected

With Fortress Mobile’s SureBUS™ fleet management platform, users can view the location of all vehicles, stream live video, download video on demand over cellular, and download video over Wi-Fi. This platform also provides user access to route scheduling, smart reports, historical route data, and much more.

Live Stream

With cellular connectivity to the DVR, take advantage of multiple types of alerts. SureBUS™ sends alerts when there is an issue with the DVR or an issue with driver behavior. The driver can also alert management by pressing an Incident Response button. Management can then live-stream from their web browser or smartphone to view the incident.

Alerts can be individually configured to notify management through the web portal, email or text message.

Web Portal
Smart Reports

Streamline Vehicle Maintenance

  • Digitalize the fleet management process and eliminate the use of paper for inspection reports
  • Easily manage and sort all vehicle inspection reports into three categories: Pass, Fail or Repaired
  • With the SureBUS™ DVIR app, drivers can attach snapshots of failed components and maintenance receipts to inspection reports
  • Always have 7 days of vehicle inspection reporting and receipts available to ensure DOT compliance when needed
  • Request a different vehicle if defects are found during pre-trip inspection
  • All past DVIRs from up to 6 months are available in SureBUS™ along with receipts for repairs
  • Past repairs automatically drop off when new pre-trip inspections are cleared

Live 2-Way Communication

  • This live audio feature allows any user with SureBUS™ access to have a hands-free conversation with a driver using a smartphone or computer.
  • Live two-way communication enables transportation staff to contact drivers even while away from the office using full duplex audio.
two way communication

Live Audio Advantages

  • Correcting poor behavior as it’s happening
  • Training and managing new drivers
  • Utilize management team to help intervene and de-escalate situations
  • Possible replacement for paying for driver’s cell phones and other equipment

All-in-One Solution

  • Digital Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)
  • Two-Way Comm
  • Alarm/Notification Alerts
  • Web and Mobile Access
  • HD Camera Surveillance
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Real-Time Video Streaming
  • Wireless Auto Downloading

Technical Features



Up to 8 Cameras Recording at 720p/1080p

Enhanced H.264 Compression

Embedded GPS & 802.11 Wireless

Cellular/Wireless Ready Option

Dual HDD & SSD Support (4TB)

Event Marker w/Status Display

8 Independent Sensors

Driver Behavior & Accelerometer

Featured Case Studies

Mecklenburg Public Transit


MTS is a service that provides approved non-emergency subscription route & demand response transportation to eligible consumers within Mecklenburg county. The county estimates that there are over 200,000 residents that are eligible to use their services.


One of the largest airport shuttle services in the U.S., Park ‘N Fly has over 200+ shuttle buses that provide transportation service to airports from its parking lot locations.

Craven County Schools


Craven County School District (CCSD) provides transportation for students in Craven County Public Schools. The CCSD consists of 8,500 students at 25 schools with a fleet of 155 buses and 205 drivers, traveling more than a million miles annually.

School Bus


Southern Regional School District is a New Jersey public school system located in Manahawkin. The school district serves 200+ teachers and 3,000+ students from seventh through twelfth grade.


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Charlotte Schools
Menifee California
Park n Fly


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