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Fortress was contracted by both the airport (AirTrain) and Shuttle Bus operators to integrate, install and implement an Airport Transit security surveillance solution with both real-time viewing and data retrieval allowing both network and stand-alone playback for its AirTrains and shuttle buses.




2010 - Present

Fleet size

68 vehicles (30 Shuttles, 38 AirTrains)


30 FPS Full Motion Video Recording • Simultaneous Playback Viewing from 4 or 6 installed cameras depending on vehicle type • Route Tracking, Location Recording, and Synchronizing of events • Vehicle ID, Date & Time stamped recording establishing chain of custody • Automatic Emergency Alarm Notification • Assigned user access levels • Automatic download of marked event files • Real-Time Health Monitoring of DVR Equipment • Real-Time Viewing of All Vehicles


The International Airport is an enterprise department of the City and County. It is a transparent organization dedicated to serving its local community and the millions of travelers who pass through its doors each year. The airport strives to be safe and secure in everything they do, deliver a quality guest experience, be on the leading edge for airport environmental and social sustainability initiatives.


In 2010, the airport needed an onboard surveillance system to assist AirTrain and Shuttle Bus command center and the local police department during emergency incidents onboard. The concern was the passenger and airport safety and emergency or incident investigations. The airport wanted to get down to the hard video evidence. They needed an onboard surveillance system that would consistently capture high-resolution video and audio evidence to serve as definite proof in court.

They interviewed a couple of surveillance companies and conducted an Internet search of available mobile surveillance options. After months of dedicated research, they decided to get Fortress Mobile camera systems installed on the AirTrain and shuttle bus fleet.


  • DVRs
  • 4-6 HD Cameras based on vehicle type
  • SureBUS™ with Mobile App
  • Wi-Fi & Cellular Auto-Download
  • GPS

The terminal train vehicles were equipped with a DVR, 6 cameras strategically placed to view passengers and four entrance ways, 1TB of storage, and real-time cellular communication to and from any train in the fleet. A total of 38 Bombardier AirTrains were equipped with our solution. The real-time viewing cameras have allowed authorized personnel to react and respond to any situation that takes place on these vehicles, even if they are not onsite.

The shuttle buses, providing transportation services to travelers parking at the airport in remote parking lots, had 4-Cameras installed to view the outside front, driver and front door, passenger area, and back door. The shuttle provider has periodically purchased our solution when new vehicles have been added to their fleet. These systems are also equipped with a cellular modem allowing real-time video transmission to authorized staff.

Parking Shuttle

“Since the installation, these departments have used the system to track, identify and apprehend suspects. The presence of these cameras has drastically reduced graffiti onboard each vehicle. We love the seamless installation into the vehicle, good end-user interface, and the easily expandable features. Fortress also has nearly full credits on their services, user friendly design, and system reliability”

Lee Mitchell, AirTrain Manager


The AirTrain solution provided comprehensive functions such as local recording, easy video retrieval, video playback, active GPS tracking, and Real-time Live viewing (video & audio) of vehicles. The airport also claimed that property damage was drastically reduced after the cameras were installed. This solution has also allowed operators to monitor and track assets, perform periodic system checks, streamline response procedures and share data with other authorized personnel. Lee Mitchell, AirTrain Manager, gave Fortress Mobile a 10 out of 10 on the system quality.

The shuttle bus solution help extends the video safety monitoring reach to areas in and around the airport as they transport travelers to and from the airport check-in and baggage claim. The GPS will show the vehicle's precise location when it is being viewed remotely through the cellular network. Users will have access to local retrieval if video data needs to be accessed, viewed, and saved. The system has also allowed users to monitor traffic & passenger ridership spike times allowing operations to make the adjustment to improve the level of transportation service.

Fleet management is more than owning and operating vehicles.

SureBus™ - safety, security, scalability.


Airport ground transportation has unique needs. Join us on our upcoming webinar and learn how to quickly improve your fleet management.

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